Amherst supplemental essays

Amherst College has four supplemental essays that must be completed by all applicants. The essays provide an opportunity for applicants to demonstrate their written abilities and share additional information that may not have been included in the main application.

The first essay is designed to capture the applicant's intellectual engagement and creativity, asking them to discuss a work of art, literature, or music that has influenced their worldview. The college wants to understand how the applicant has been shaped by the works they have encountered and how they have responded to them.

The second essay is about a meaningful activity, experience, or accomplishment that has helped shape the applicant's character. Here, applicants must think deeply about what has made them who they are and how that has impacted their goals and achievements.

The third essay is about a personal challenge the applicant has faced. This essay should demonstrate how the applicant has used problem solving strategies to cope with adversity and how these strategies have developed their resilience.

The fourth essay is open-ended, allowing applicants to use their own topics and ideas. This should be an opportunity for applicants to showcase their unique talents, experiences, and perspectives that werent otherwise expressed in the application.

Overall, Amherst's supplemental essays are designed to give applicants a chance to express themselves and demonstrate their commitment to the colleges values. By completing these essays with thoughtfulness and care, applicants have the opportunity to make their applications stand out and illustrate their readiness for college.