Argumentative essay examples for high school

An argumentative essay is an important type of essay for high school students to learn. It teaches them the skills of researching a topic and presenting their point of view in a clear and concise way. Argumentative essays also give students the opportunity to practice forming opinions, developing their own ideas and thinking critically about the world around them.

Good argumentative essay examples for high school students should focus on topics that are relevant to their lives. For example, a topic like Why are cell phones so important in todays world? would be an excellent choice for a high school student to address. This topic allows the student to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cell phone use and how it impacts their lives and those around them.

In order to write a successful argumentative essay, it is important to understand the basic elements of an argumentative essay. It is essential to include a strong thesis statement which briefly explains the main point of the essay. The body of the essay should include evidence to support the thesis statement, such as facts, statistics, or expert testimony. Each point should be clearly outlined and logically connected to the next point. Finally, a strong argumentative essay should end with a conclusion that summarizes the main points and reinforces the main idea of the essay.

When it comes to finding good argumentative essay examples for high school students, there are many sources available online. Students can browse articles, opinion pieces, and reviews to get a better understanding of how to craft their own argumentative essay. They can also consult academic databases for essays written by previous high school students that can serve as inspiration for their own work.

Overall, writing an argumentative essay is an important part of the high school experience, as it can help students become more engaged and informed citizens. With the right resources and examples, high school students can develop strong argumentative essays that are sure to impress their teachers and peers.