Argumentative essay topics for teenager

Argumentative essays are a great way for teenagers to express their thoughts and opinions on a range of topics. It can be challenging to come up with argumentative essay topics that are interesting and engaging for teenagers, but the reality is that the topics can be anything that a young person is passionate about and has strong feelings about. Here are some ideas for argumentative essay topics for teenagers:

1. Should teens have to take an ethics class in school?

2. Are video games beneficial or harmful to teenage development?

3. Is social media a positive or negative influence on teenage relationships?

4. Should the voting age be lowered to 16?

5. Are standardized tests an accurate way of measuring academic achievement?

6. Is technology isolating teenagers from real-life human interaction?

7. Should there be stricter laws against cyberbullying?

8. Should parents be allowed to monitor their children's online activity?

9. Are the current laws on gun control enough to protect our youth?

10. Is it okay for teenagers to date someone of a different race or religion?

These are just a few ideas for argumentative essay topics for teenagers. With these topics, students can explore their own views on the subjects and learn more about the world around them. Students can also research both sides of an argument, allowing them to become more informed citizens with strong opinions and beliefs about the topics they care about.