Block method essay

A block method essay is an organizational style of writing in which two distinct subjects are compared and contrasted within the same essay. This type of essay serves to analyze the similarities and differences between two objects, people or ideas. The key to a successful block method essay is to make sure that the writer has a clear understanding of the subjects being compared and contrasted.

To begin a block method essay, the writer must first select the two subjects that he or she wishes to compare and contrast. Once these are chosen, the writer should create an outline for the essay that outlines the areas of comparison and contrast. This is the foundation of a successful block method essay and should be carefully crafted to ensure that the essay follows a logical progression. After the outline is complete, the writer can now begin to compose the body of the essay.

When writing in a block method essay, the writer should organize their thoughts in two distinct parts. The first part should discuss all similarities between the two subjects, while the second part should discuss all differences between the two. This is an effective way to ensure that the writer is able to provide an unbiased analysis that fairly evaluates both sides of the argument.

When discussing similarities, the writer should provide evidence and examples to support their claims. This evidence can be from personal experience, research, or any other sources that provide insight into the similarities between the two subjects. When discussing differences, the writer should again provide evidence and examples to support their claims. However, they should also provide an analysis of how each difference affects the overall comparison. This analysis should be objective and provide an accurate picture of how one subject may be more advantageous than the other.

Finally, when writing a block method essay, it is important to provide a conclusion that summarizes the main points discussed and provides a final analysis of both subjects. The conclusion should provide readers with an understanding of why the comparison was made and why one subject may have been more successful than the other. By providing an accurate and concise conclusion, readers will be able to gain a better understanding of both subjects and how they compare to each other.