Commentary in an essay

Commentary in an essay is an important element to consider when writing an essay. Commentary provides an opportunity for the reader to gain insight into the writers opinion and understanding of the topic. This can be done through the use of metaphors, analogies, definitions, and observations. It helps to draw attention to the main ideas and give evidence to support the points that are being made.

Commentary should be used throughout an essay. It should be used as a way to provide analysis and insight into the discussion being presented. It should not simply be used to restate what has already been said. Commentary should be used to bring something new to the discussion and provide the reader with further information or perspective.

Commentary can also be used to provide an opportunity for the reader to make connections between different points of view. This can help provide the reader with a more comprehensive understanding of the subject at hand. It can also be used to bring attention to any potential underlying messages or themes that may be present in the discussion.

Commentary should also be used to provide evidence for the points being made. This can be done by citing sources and providing examples from other literature or research. This is important as it helps to add credibility to the argument being presented.

Finally, commentary can help to make an essay more interesting to read and provide a more engaging experience for the reader. Commentary should be used thoughtfully and sparingly in order to ensure that it does not become tedious or overly wordy.