Critical thinking vocabulary words

Critical thinking is a valuable skill that can be applied in almost any situation. In order to master this skill, an individual must familiarize themselves with some key vocabulary words. Here are a few of the most important critical thinking vocabulary words:

Assumption An assumption is an idea taken for granted without proof or evidence. It is important to recognize assumptions and understand that they may not be valid.

Rationale Rationale is a set of reasons that support a specific conclusion or action. It is important to be aware of the reasoning behind your thoughts and decisions.

Analysis Analysis is the process of breaking down a complex idea or situation into its component parts in order to gain a better understanding of it. Being able to analyze information is key to critical thinking.

Interpretation Interpretation is the act of assigning meaning to something. It is important to interpret information accurately in order to avoid misunderstanding.

Objectivity Objectivity is the ability to look at a situation objectively and without bias. It is critical to be able to look at a situation from all angles in order to make the best decision.

By understanding these critical thinking vocabulary words, an individual will be better equipped to think critically in any situation.