English 111 reflective essay

In my English 111 class, I have learned many valuable skills that have further developed my ability to understand, process, and write better. Reflecting on this experience, I am proud of the progress I have made and the knowledge I have gained.

I have learned to write thoughtful essays that focus on a well-defined point. This has helped me to become more aware of my writing structure while targeting a specific audience. Through this class I have also developed the skill of being able to find and use credible sources in my writing. This has enabled me to incorporate more reliable evidence in my work and make more informed arguments.

I have also learned how to think critically about text which has helped me to analyze and evaluate information. This has improved my understanding of how texts are constructed, allowing me to gain a stronger understanding of the topic at hand. I have also improved my ability to recognize and explain rhetorical devices used in writing. This has increased my ability to comprehend and describe the underlying meaning behind a text.

Finally, I have learned how to effectively use feedback from peers and instructors to help improve my writing. This has helped me to become more open to criticism and adjust my writing in order to produce higher quality work.

Overall, English 111 has been a great experience filled with many learning opportunities and growth. Through this class I have developed skills that will continue to help me grow as a writer and overall thinker.