Example mla essay

An example MLA essay is a type of paper written in the Modern Language Association (MLA) format. This style of writing is often used in the humanities and literary studies, as well as other disciplines such as education and psychology. An example MLA essay should include a title page, an abstract, an introduction, the main body of the paper, and a conclusion.

The title page should include the title of the essay, the author's name, and the name of the institution or organization for which the essay was written. The title should be centered on the page and should not be italicized or bolded. The abstract should provide a brief summary of the essay and should include a statement of purpose or objective.

The introduction should include an overview of the topic. It should also provide background information about the topic and state the main points to be discussed. The main body should be divided into several sections that logically flow from one to the other. Each section should begin with a heading that summarizes the topic being discussed. Supporting evidence, such as quotes or research results, should be presented in each section. The conclusion should summarize the main points and provide a concluding thought or opinion.

Finally, all sources used in the essay should be listed in a Works Cited page at the end. The Works Cited page should be formatted in accordance with MLA style guidelines. Each source must be listed in alphabetical order, and all entries must be double-spaced. All sources must be properly cited within the body of the essay as well.

Following the guidelines for an example MLA essay ensures that your paper will be professional and well-structured. It also demonstrates to your instructior that you have done your research and are able to follow accepted writing conventions.