Example of biography essay

A biography essay is a written account of a person's life, detailing the major events that have shaped the person's character and personal history. Biographies can be written about famous people, such as scientists, political figures, authors, musicians, and many more. It is also possible to write a biography essay about oneself.

When writing a biography essay, it is important to include certain information about the subject. First and foremost, the essay should include information about the person's background, including their date and place of birth, family history, educational background, and other important elements of their life. Additionally, biographies should detail the person's major accomplishments and achievements. It is also important to include any noteworthy moments or events in the person's life that had a major impact on them.

To give an example of a biography essay, consider the life of Benjamin Franklin. Born in 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts, Franklin was an influential figure in American history, as well as a renowned scientist, author, and political leader. He was a prominent figure in the American Revolution and helped establish the United States' democratic government. His works include the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and Poor Richard's Almanack. His inventions include bifocal glasses and the lightning rod. Franklin was also a renowned statesman and diplomat and is credited with helping the fledgling United States become an international power.

In conclusion, a biography essay is a detailed account of a person's life that includes information about their background, major accomplishments, and noteworthy moments. An example of a biography essay would be one about Benjamin Franklin, a renowned scientist, author, statesman, and inventor in American history.