Examples of personal narrative essays

Personal narrative essays are stories about ones own experiences. They are usually written in the first person and tell a story of a particular moment or incident from an individuals life. The style of writing is typically descriptive and uses vivid language to help the reader see and experience what the writer has gone through. Personal narrative essays can be written about any subject, ranging from a memorable event to an important lesson learned, to a change that took place in the authors life.

For example, one might write a personal narrative essay about the time they lost a beloved pet. The essay could include descriptions of the pet, and the sadness and grief experienced when it was lost. It could also include reflections on the relationship one had with their pet, what they learned from the experience, and how it changed them.

Similarly, an essay about a significant lesson learned in life could be written as a personal narrative essay. In this essay, the writer might discuss a particular experience that taught them an important lesson, such as the importance of being kind to others or the power of friendship. They could describe the moment when the lesson was learned, how it changed them, and how it continues to impact their life today.

Finally, a personal narrative essay could be written about any change that took place in ones life. This could be a change in career, a move to a new home or city, or even someone becoming a parent for the first time. The essay would include descriptions of what life was like before and after the change, how it impacted them personally, and how it has shaped who they are today.

Overall, personal narrative essays are stories about ones own experiences which help to capture moments in time that were significant for an individual. They are descriptive and use vivid language to help readers understand and experience what the author has gone through. There is no limit to the topics that can be explored in these kinds of essays, from something small and mundane to something more life changing.