How are song titles written in an essay

Song titles should be written in quotation marks when mentioned in an essay. For example, if you were discussing a song by Taylor Swift, you would write it like this: Love Story by Taylor Swift. This ensures that the reader fully understands that you are referring to a song title, which is distinct from other titles such as books or films.

It is important to note that the punctuation of the song title depends on the style guide used by your school or publisher. Generally, American English uses quotation marks while British English uses italics. It is best to consult with your professor or editor to determine the right style for your essay.

When writing the title of a song in a sentence or in dialogue, it should be capitalized like any other word. For example, I love listening to Love Story by Taylor Swift. The same holds true for album titles and artist names. For example, I just bought the CD Folklore by Taylor Swift.

Depending on the style guide followed, you may be required to provide additional information such as the name of the album on which a song appears. For example, if you were citing a song on the CD Folklore, you may have to write it as Cardigan (from Folklore, 2020) by Taylor Swift.

Finally, it is important to remember that song titles should be written in italics or quotation marks to differentiate them from other titles in your essay. Providing additional information such as the album title or artist name helps to give the reader more context about the song you are referring to. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your essay is properly formatted and readable for your audience.