How to start a essay intro

When beginning to write an essay introduction, it is important to consider what the reader will expect from the essay. An introduction should provide an overview of what the essay will be about, introduce the topic and provide the reader with a sense of what to expect.

A great place to start when writing an introduction is to provide background information on the topic. This allows the reader to gain an understanding of why the topic is important and why it is being discussed. Background information should be broad enough to give the reader an overview of the topic but specific enough to limit the scope of the discussion.

Once the background information has been provided, a clear thesis statement should be introduced. The thesis statement should describe in a single sentence what the essay will be about and how the points presented will support the main idea. A thesis statement should only include one main idea and should be as specific as possible.

The introduction should also provide a preview of the body of the essay. This helps the reader to become familiar with the main points that will be discussed in more detail throughout the essay. This can help them to more easily understand each point as they are introduced in further detail.

The introduction should wrap up with a strong conclusion that summarizes all the points made previously and leaves the reader with a clear understanding of what the essay is about and why it is important. Clear transitions between paragraphs should be used to ensure that each point flows logically into the next. Writing an engaging and effective introduction will help readers become invested in your essay and make them more likely to want to keep reading it.