Personal narrative essay about mother

My mother is a great influence in my life. She has been through many hardships in her life yet she is always there for us, no matter the situation. She is always striving to provide for us and give us the best life possible.

From a very young age, I always looked up to my mother as a role model. She taught me the importance of hard work and dedication, and that nothing comes easy in life. Even when I was struggling with school or with a problem, she never gave up on me. She would always be there to listen and provide me with guidance. Growing up, I was often in awe of her strength and determination; no matter how difficult things got, she would always work hard to ensure that our family was taken care of.

My mother has not only been a great influence in my life but also a great teacher. She taught me to take risks and never fear failure. She also taught me the importance of being independent and to never depend on others to do things for me. She has always been supportive of my decisions and gives me the freedom to make my own choices.

My mother has sacrificed so much for my siblings and I. I cannot think of anyone who is more selfless and caring than my mother. She is my role model and I will forever be grateful for all the things she has done for our family. Even though I cannot express it enough, I love her from the bottom of my heart.