Reasons why abortion should not be banned essay

Abortion has become a highly controversial subject in recent years. Though some believe it should be illegal, for many it is a necessary option for a variety of reasons. This essay will explore the reasons why abortion should not be banned.

The most significant argument in support of keeping abortion legal is based on a womans right to choose. Forcing a woman to carry a pregnancy to term against her will is a violation of her autonomy and the right to make decisions about her own body. Restricting access to safe, legal abortions is also likely to result in more women seeking unsafe illegal abortions, putting their lives at risk.

In addition, a womans access to abortion should not be restricted by her economic status or other disadvantages. Making abortion illegal would disproportionately affect economically disadvantaged women who are more likely to be unable to afford the medical costs associated with carrying a pregnancy to term. This would leave them with no option but to have an unsafe illegal abortion or resort to dangerous methods of self-induced abortion.

Furthermore, there are certain medical cases in which abortion is medically necessary to save the life of the mother or terminate a pregnancy that involves severe fetal abnormalities or defects. Restricting access to abortions in these cases could put the mothers health and life at risk.

Lastly, it must be understood that banning abortion does not reduce its incidence. Evidence from countries where abortion is illegal shows that the rate of abortions remains the same in most cases, while the mortality rate associated with these procedures drastically increases due to lack of access to safe and legal procedures.

Therefore, this essay has explored various reasons why abortion should not be banned. Instead, it is important to ensure that women are fully informed about all of their options and have access to safe, legal abortions when needed.