The end of the college essay summary

The ending of a college essay summary is arguably the most important part, as it serves to wrap up the essay and leave the reader with a lasting impression of the content. It should be a reflection of the main points and arguments raised throughout the essay, as well as offer an interesting insight or perspective that has not been previously discussed.

When writing an ending to a college essay summary, it is important to consider the tone of the essay and to ensure that the conclusion matches it. If the essay was humorous, the conclusion should be lighthearted and humorous as well. If the essay was serious or analytical, the conclusion should be serious and reflective.

Another important element to include in the conclusion of a college essay summary is the writers opinion. This can be presented in a question, statement, or reflection on the topic. This allows the writer to bring closure to their argument and provide the reader with an opinion or thought to consider as they finish reading.

Finally, it is essential to end the essay in a way that feels natural and intentional. A good way to do this is to refer back to the introduction, or to make an allusion to something discussed at the beginning of the essay. This allows for a smooth transition between the introduction and conclusion and helps tie everything together.

In conclusion, it is important to remember that the ending of a college essay summary is just as important as the introduction. It should reflect the tone of the essay, include an opinion from the writer, and end in a natural way. With this in mind, a well-crafted college essay summary can leave a lasting impression on readers.