The introduction of an essay

The introduction of an essay is the first impression readers get of your work. It should set the tone and provide an overview of the contents to come. An introduction should be clear, concise, and engaging. It should give the reader a sense of why the topic is important and why it is worth exploring further.

The first sentence of your introduction should be attention grabbing and make readers want to continue reading. You could start with a general statement or a striking fact or statistic related to your topic. This should be followed by a brief explanation of what your essay will cover, including a thesis statement which sums up your main argument or point of view.

The introduction serves as a map or guide for readers to determine where your essay is going and how it will get there. Your introduction should include relevant background information that allows the reader to understand your point of view. This can include previous research, theories, or contextual information.

Finally, end your introduction with a sentence that will encourage readers to move on to the body of your essay. This might be a call for action, an inspirational quote, or a thought-provoking question. Remember that the introduction should engage the reader and provide a clear understanding of the topic you are writing about.