Umich supplemental essay examples

Writing a supplemental essay for University of Michigan can be a daunting task. It is important to make sure that your essay stands out and expresses your unique identity and experiences. The best way to do this is by looking at supplemental essay examples from successful applicants.

One example of a great supplemental essay is one written by an applicant who chose to focus on the impact of their volunteer service in their community. In the essay, the applicant described their experience volunteering at a local humane society and how it impacted their outlook on life. They wrote about how they witnessed the dedication of staff and volunteers and the important work they did to improve the quality of life for animals. The essay showed that this applicant was passionate about volunteer service and that they had a deep appreciation for the work done by nonprofit organizations.

Another successful supplemental essay example is one written by an applicant who focused on their passion for science. The applicant wrote about their involvement in a research project during high school and how it inspired them to pursue a career in science. The essay highlighted the applicant's commitment to their research and showed how it shaped their future ambitions. It also provided a glimpse into their personality, as the applicant wrote about how their curiosity and creativity made them successful in their project.

These exemplary supplemental essays show that successful applicants can write about a variety of topics and experiences. Whether you choose to write about a volunteer experience or your scientific journey, it is important to illustrate your passion and commitment. This will help the admissions committee understand what kind of student you are and why you would be a great fit at the University of Michigan.