What is a reflection essay

A reflection essay is a type of writing that requires the author to take a deeper look at themselves, their thoughts, and their experiences. Reflection essays typically require the writer to express their own thoughts and feelings about a certain topic in an analytical way. Unlike other types of essays, a reflection essay does not need to rely on external sources to prove a point. Instead, it focuses on the writer's own personal insights and ideas.

Reflection essays can be written in many different styles, but the overall goal is to provide the reader with an understanding of how the writer has grown and changed as a result of their experience. The essay should provide a comprehensive look at the personal development the writer has gone through. It should also give insight into the reasons behind the changes in the writer's perspective, and how they have come to embrace these changes.

When writing a reflection essay, it is important to keep the tone personal and meaningful. The essay should provide an intimate look at how the writers experiences have shaped their outlook and beliefs, as well as show how they have drawn on these experiences to come to new realizations and conclusions. Additionally, reflection essays should have a clear structure and flow, with each paragraph adding to the overall narrative.

Overall, reflection essays are a great way for writers to share their thoughts and feelings about a particular experience or issue. These essays allow for a more personal analysis of a topic, as well as provide insight into how the writers views have been shaped by their life experiences.