High School Graduation Cord Meanings Explained

What does High School Graduation Cords Mean?

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Graduation Cord expresses as an extra honorable badge of excellence, which you will be awarded while receiving a diploma or degree by the college or university officials.

Graduation cord is a universal award that is placed around the neck of the student`s to reflect their excellence.

They are colorful graduation item that comes in a rope-like structure made out of intertwined thick strings, with tassels attached to both the ends.

“Don`t confuse between graduation cords, honor cords, or graduation rope; sometimes, people spell it with these different names, but it means the same.”

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Graduation Cord with Different Variations and How to Earn Honor Cords/Graduation Cords?

Graduation cord has variations, which you will get according to academics GPA. For example, if you have performed outstandingly in your academics, then you will be awarded a Latin cord with your graduation diploma.

Graduation cords received from a high GPA can also be used to mention on your resume or graduate school applicants, to improve the possibilities.

Three Latin graduation cords variations

  1. Magna Cum Laude
  2. Summa Cum Laude
  3. Cum Laude

latin graduation cord meaning

Three Latin Honors Explained

  • Cum Laude: From Latin, it translates to “With Praise”. Many standard colleges will say a student “graduated with honors” instead of Cum Laude. To achieve this Honor, the graduate must have a 3.5 GPA.
  • Magna Cum Laude: This one translates to “With Great Honor”. Most colleges will need the graduate to have at least a 3.75 GPA to earn the distinction.
  • Summa Cum Laude: It translates to “With Highest Honor”. It is the most prestigious academic prize, for which you need to earn at least a 3.9 GPA or better to achieve this.

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What do different colors of graduation cord mean at high school graduation?

Graduation cords come in different beautiful colorful items placed around the neck of the candidate.

Many college organizations and societies award their members cords to represent their involvement in the organization activities.

Honor cords come in many different colors, and every color is used to express a separate achievement.

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High school and colleges have their own set of cord colors that they use; however, some standard colors are typically used to signify success in a specific area of study such as law, finance or animal research.


The color gold honor cords are the most popular cords mainly awarded to any student who has got high-achievements (GPA) during the academics.


Black color cords are distributed to the students graduating with a degree in business administration, commerce, business education, accounting, labor relations, or commercial science.


The red color honor cord represents the graduation achievement from the disciplines of divinity, public health, journalism, canon law, conservation, and music.


Silver/ Grey honor cords mainly awarded to the students who have to pursue degrees in medical science.


The purple color cord is worn to reflect royalty and awarded to dental and law students. It is also awarded to the students who graduate with a degree in architecture and urban planning.


Honor cords in maroon represent achievement in similar organizations as red honor cords.

Colors have been always used to reflect the student’s achievements and capabilities, during their graduation. All of the awards are distributed while the graduation ceremonies.

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