How to write common app essay

Writing a Common App Essay is a big step for many high school seniors, so its important to take your time and do it right. The essay is your chance to show admissions officers who you are and how you think, so its important to craft an essay that is honest, compelling, and well-written. Here are some tips to help you write a great Common App Essay:

Start Early: The deadline may seem far off, but start the essay writing process early, if possible. Taking time to brainstorm topics and do research will help you craft an essay that stands out and reflects your true personality.

Be Honest: Admissions officers want to get to know you and understand why you want to attend their school. Dont embellish facts or be overly dramatic in your writing; instead, focus on being honest and open about your experiences.

Proofread: Before submitting your essay, read it out loud and make sure it makes sense. Have a friend or family member read it too. Grammar and spelling mistakes can weaken your essay, so make sure it is edited and proofread to the best of your ability.

Stick to the Word Count: If the essay has a word limit, make sure you dont go over it. Focus on saying what you need to say in the most concise way possible.

Stay Focused: Make sure your essay stays on topic throughout. It should have a clear beginning, middle, and end that keeps readers interested until the very end.

Writing a Common App Essay can be intimidating, but following these tips can help you craft a compelling and unique essay that will make a lasting impression on admissions officers. Good luck!