How To Get The Wrinkles Out of A Graduation Gown?

How To Get The Wrinkles Out of A Graduation Gown?

Do you know? There are 4.5 billion of students graduate college in the US each year.

And if you’re graduating this year from high school or college, then most of you would like to look perfect on your graduating day ceremony.

So, are you planning to dress in a beautiful graduation gown, hood, cap, tassel, cords for your ceremony day?

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Many people ask this general question every year how to get wrinkles out of graduation gown? And what’s the solution to this?

How do you get wrinkles out of a graduation gown?

Understandably, you don’t want your graduation gown to be wrinkly, which will steal all the focus from your achievements or may ruin your graduation celebration.

The graduation gown has folds and creases in them, which get wrinkled when you take them out from the package in which you received it.

The graduation gown made up of polyester or acetate fabric, which needs good care as they quickly get wrinkled if folded wrong and a professional dry cleaning the graduation gown will cost you expensive.

Instantly Remove Wrinkles from Graduation Gown

The first thing you might want to do is to wash the gown to remove the wrinkles. Though, machine drying a graduation gown can damage the fabric. 

Providentially, with a few mild tricks, you can quickly get the wrinkles out of your gown instantly at home without using a dryer.


1. Use Steaming on Graduation Gown

  • Hang the gown on a hanger for a while after putting it out of the cellophane packaging so that it will get stretch straight. It will make the gown wrinkles get soft, making it easy to get rid of hard wrinkles. Use a wooden hanger rather than a wire hanger to hang the gown and get rid of the snagging of the fabric of the gown.
  • Hang the gown from your shower rod in the bathroom. Don’t hang the gown too close to the shower. Hang it in a direction where it will quickly get steam of the hot shower water, and won’t get splashed by the water directly.
  • Run the hot shower water for at least 15-20 minutes. The steam will de-wrinkle the gown. Stretch and tug on the fabric in between for a during the process to help ease out the creases. Close the bathroom door, so the steam process for removing wrinkles from your graduation gown takes place quicker.

2. Iron your gown

  • Iron the graduation gown with a low heat with steam. Wait until the iron got a low heat. Some of the irons have a button mentioning the purpose of heating it. You can set it according to your gown fabric. 
  • Place the gown on a straight ironing board and put the towel over it. Flaten, your gown on the board, cover the gown’s fabric with a towel so it will melt the fabric and help in removing the wrinkles on the gown. 
  • Place the gown inside out to protects its top layer from any possible scorch marks while you iron.
  • Iron on the creases and edges carefully so there will be no wrinkles left on the gown.

3. Treating the Gown with Vinegar Spray

Mix some water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Find an empty bottle inside your house, prefer using a glass bottle more than the plastic spray bottle because it is more suitable for the mixture of water and vinegar that we will be going to pour in it.

  • Pour 1 cup filled with distilled water and two teaspoons of vinegar into the spray bottle. After doing this, you will get a wrinkles release spray, which will use to get the creases out of your gown.
  • Shake the spray bottle vigorously for a minute so the mixture of water and vinegar will get combined perfectly. And effect well to get wrinkles out of the gown.
  • Don’t overuse the spray and prevent the vinegar smell. Give enough time to your gown to get dry, so the smell of the vinegar will go evaporate. Don’t use the spray before your graduation day, or your gown may not get dry in time.


I wish you will get rid of wrinkles from your graduation gown soon and will be able to enjoy your graduation day to the fullest and happiness.