Efficient Ways of How to Take Notes On A Book?

how to make notes while reading

Note-taking on a book or paper is an efficient way to memorize something which might be important for you. It is an effective way of fast-learning, and with its help, you can note down and focus on the essential key-points of a particular topic. You only need paper and a pencil to start taking notes while reading.

Why do people use to take notes on a book? 

People take notes on a book while reading because it`s an easy way to get tick the important things of a topic instead of reading it again and again in brief. Generally, before studying, people use to sit with an extra notebook or a notepad to write down the important key terms. It can be of use to tick important terms whether you are reading an article or a book or attending a lecture in a college or in an office meeting.

Why note-taking is important while studying?

Note-taking is important while reading or listening because it helps us to focus and concentrate. It keeps you alert and engaging with the notes you are writing down. Note-taking can help you in making a piece of organized information that is easy to understand. So now how to take notes on a book?

How to Take Notes On A book?

Taking notes on a book is easy, but it’s like homework, in which you have to highlight the important topics from a book and then write them down in your note-taking book. Students use the same method to do study for their exams. Let’s understand how to do this.

  • First, take your favorite book on which you want to take notes and start reading it. Highlight all the important lines and points in your topic.
  • Focus and read all the brief carefully so it will be easy for you to take quick notes on the topic.
  • Also, bookmark pages with bookmarking papers to navigate through the pages.
  • Then in your notebook, write the date and title on the top and the page number.
  • Make a comprehensive structure of your topic with proper headings and points, so whenever you see your notes, you will quickly memorize the topics.
  • After completing your note-taking of the needed chapters of a book, re-read them to understand the structure entirely and to make corrections.
  • Write future indication notes in your note-taking book. Sometimes writing notes is also mean to rememorize the topic, so in the future, it will be a little easy for you to search important points and structures.


How to take notes on a book while reading?

make notes on a book

Taking notes while reading would help if you always try to write notes carefully because it is the most concise way of learning. There are some simple methods by which you can write important notes related to your study easily.

  1. Before taking the notes, the first thing you need to do is to read the title of your topic so it will be easy for you to mold a big picture into small notes.
  2. After understanding your topic, you should make a standard format of every page you would write. Mention the date and page number of your book or article on your personal note-taking book with the right title of the topic. This will help you too built a great structure of your study notes within an ascending order.
  3. Always write neatly, and in a way that it will become is easy to understand the important notes for you in the future.
  4. Focus on the key terms and important paragraphs of the topic you are studying, so you can put out some important short notes.
  5. If you are attending a lecture or meeting, listen, and read the discussion about the topic carefully so you can mark essential quick notes form it.

Take notes while reading will be profitable for you as you don’t have to read a whole topic again and again to memorize it.

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